The Basics – Introducing Yourself One on One

The Basics – Introducing Yourself One on One

How do you introduce yourself effectively? We are going to be writing about some basics in this post. As you would imagine there are many ways, styles, and tactics, but we will stick with the basics here because they always work.


Introducing yourself is a tough challenge sometimes, especially in a professional setting. One reason could be because you know yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your flaws, and everything in between and saying or expressing that out of context could be damaging.
So, being able to collate and reproduce a sum all of the relevant information needed in a given situation is a skill that can and must be learned. As they say, you never get a second chance to make the first impression.
The key is practice! Devising a few gestures and sentences with the proper attitude is a good place to start. For example, my name is Marvin, and I lead the operations team at XYZ Company.
Once you get this nailed, instead of introductions being an oddly challenging – and sometimes downright awkward – activity it will become a breeze.
There’s a lot of coordination that goes into a good introduction in a matter of seconds. Which things should be prioritized over others may be a personal preference, but here is the formula we find to be successful – every single time.
When it comes to introducing yourself to someone, it’s important to first and foremost make eye contact. Nothing is more embarrassing and confusing than shaking hands with someone who is aggressively avoiding making eye contact. By avoiding eye contact, you’re telling someone you either have no desire to get to know them, or you lack social skills so deeply you are unable to look someone else in the eye while also forming coherent sentences. Regardless of which one it is – it’s not a good look. Be sure to look the person right in the eye, and let them know you’re here, you’re serious, and you’re happy to introduce yourself.
Now that you’re sold on the eye-contact part, it’s important to make sure your face supports your eyes in an amiable, friendly way. The best way to do that is to smile. It’s as simple as that. When you go in for the handshake and are in the process of making eye contact, the person you are meeting will be immediately presented with you and your face. They’re going to notice if you’re smiling or scowling. Regardless of the day you just had or the event that didn’t go your way be sure to put on a smile and appear welcoming. A smile is contagious, and by smiling, you’re setting a positive tone for what is often an uncomfortable introduction.
Ok – so we have the eye contact and happy, smiling face all set. That leaves the overall body language next. Your face and eyes will undoubtedly be noticed first. But, once that has happened, and you’re into casual banter, your body language will be noticed next. Don’t pull your hair, nervously shake your leg, or sip out of a glass that clearly has no drink in it anymore. Be calm, use your hands while speaking, leave your arms by your side when you’re not, and above all, look comfortable.
With these three physical tips out on the table, that just leaves the actual words coming out of your mouth. Be normal. Act like yourself. Anyone can spot a phony. Emit your natural personality, and be sure always to let the other person speak and get a word in. No one likes a know-it-all or someone who never stops talking. Just slow down, remain calm, listen to what they have to say, and flash your infectious smile.
Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to leaving a lasting first impression in no time.

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