Rooted in sound beliefs

Rooted in sound beliefs

This question is one that is sure to be asked. So we have decided to answer it here as our second official post to our blog. What drives Ablaze to want to make a difference? As usual, it is always good to give a straight answer, then garnish it with some extra information to ensure context and purpose are clearly understood.

Ablaze believes most of the perceived challenges faced by black professionals are in many ways tied to a particular type of thinking and philosophy. This kind of thinking creates a certain outlook on life, especially if you have no role models to show you otherwise. It’s the way you see yourself that people see you. If it always happens to you, maybe you need to check yourself and your thinking.

We believe if we find an effective and efficient means to target and address this thinking challenge, we can begin to change ourselves and ultimately modify the perception people have of us. Changing thinking is a tough thing because you have to be prepared to change for any results to be seen. Our thoughts and perspective, amongst other things, are deeply rooted in our upbringing, experiences, education, environment and most importantly the way we see ourselves. It is almost impossible to see yourself at the top of your game when everything in your life and history suggest otherwise. There are rare cases where you see a black professional stand out from the crowd. What we are saying at Ablaze is that we want to make the rare occasions to be the norm and expected. We believe we have the abilities and potentials to achieve this. We have chosen by the very nature of thinking differently to begin to galvanize our thoughts to create a support structure to turn rare occurrences of success to become more frequent. Ablaze will create an Atmosphere where we can be inspired! Our goal is to encourage, support, educate and most of all create our opportunities in every area of the community. We want to see more innovation, self-belief, and entrepreneurial activities in our circles. We believe this will do us better than any other approach to becoming people of influence.

Where do you start regarding changing your thinking? Starting from the fundamentals is critical. The simple truth is that what you know forms your opinions, thoughts, and perspectives. So the trick is to know first. Networking with professional with similar backgrounds but with different experiences and expertise can be a potent recipe to begin to start to understand what is possible. We have seen this work in our lives, and we want to see the same for others who are looking to turn potential into performance.

The equation is not complete if you know and can’t, won’t or don’t do. Ablaze has started with creating networking events because this is an activity based on doing! Coming out to such an event means you have moved passed the primary challenge and see yourself as somebody; someone who can create your opportunities, make things happen and dictate your outcomes.

Always make sure to keep abreast with Ablaze on activities that will inspire you!

Connecting Inspired People

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