Navigating your growth to the next level

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Ablaze presents Cocktails Conversations and Connections – A Meeting of Great Minds!

Navigating your growth

You have finally decided that you have to make some changes in the way you approach your personal development. The key word there is Personal! It’s called personal because it relates to you, no one else but you. The term is bang around a lot, and many people seem to be in some program.  They could be specialized professional groups, but in many respect miss the fundamental understanding of the kind of support you might need to get to the next level. The truth is that you and only you can create a system that will work for you. Yes, it starts with you!The fact remains that you would have to create a map which will help you answer all the questions you have today. There will be more, but you have to start from somewhere.  

Some big questions you would have to answer will be

How do I get there? There are many ways to the results I want, but I would rather have someone who has some of my beliefs and genuinely interested to see me grow to help.

Where do I find this kind of people? How do I approach them? Are there things I ought to have done before I start my search? Would people even be interested in me and my goals?

Believe me; we have been there. The questions are endless, but people have been there before. In fact, there are people on every single step of that journey right now who will be willing to provide some advice and instructions for you to adjust your map.

It might just be as simple as attending an event to connect with someone. Ablaze is interested in is your growth in every way, and we believe that connecting inspired people can provide answers on ways to navigate personal development for the maximum result. We will begin like never before, to harness our potential as a group to provide tips, trips, maps and plans to start navigating our way to significance.

You are invited to Cocktails, Connections, and Conversations – A Meeting of Great Minds!
Come and Let’s grow together!


June 22 2017


Date: June 22
Time: 5:45 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: $30 - $35
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Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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  • 5:45 Cocktails and Conversations
  • 6:00 Opening
  • 6:05 The Big Speak 1
  • 6:35 Connections and Conversations
  • 6:50 The Big Speak 2
  • 7:20 Connections and Conversations
  • 7:35 Questions
  • 8:05 Connections and Conversations
  • 8:55 Closing